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Scents: Odor Eliminating Wipes from Wisconsin Pharmacal

Scent Killer

Scent Killer

Wisconsin Pharmacal

Scent elimination is the process of using odor-eliminating sprays and wipes in combination with other scent blocking gear to block the human scent from a deer or other animal. Some hunters swear by this method saying they would have missed their chance at the big buck without scent eliminating technology. Others seem to believe using scent-killing methods is a waste of time. At Hunting Fishing Camping Gear, we sell a variety of scent killing sprays and wipes as well as special scent blocking gloves and boots. Feel free to browse our selection of hunting products to see all of our scent blocking gear and determine for yourself if scent elimination techniques are worth your time.

Does Scent Elimination Work?

Whether or not scent elimination is effective is a highly debated topic. The answer seems to come down to one common theme. Hunters who believe that scent elimination is effective seem to take this topic more seriously than those who do not believe it works. Therefore, believers in scent blocking will follow a series of key steps in order to completely block their human scent from game.

Steps to Blocking Human Scent

Carbon-Lined Suits

A carbon-lined suit has been proven effective in block the human scent. However, in order for this piece of gear to be effective, it must be activated in the dryer, and then stored in a scent-free container until you enter the woods. A carbon suit will be effective in blocking your scent for up to 40 hours before it must be reactivated in the dryer. Some hunters prefer not to use a carbon-lined suit for odor elimination, but instead spray their clothes with odor eliminating spray upon entering the woods. This can be an effective way to block your human scent when hunting as well.

Controlling Foot Odor

Foot odor is one of the strongest scents, which comes from the human body. Therefore, it is important to wear odor-eliminating socks under your boots when hunting. In addition, you should take care to only wear your boots when hunting to prevent them from picking up human odors. Finally, when arriving at the woods to hunt, you should spray the soles of your boots with odor eliminating spray to prevent them from leaving an easily tracked scent trail, which will scare off deer.

Odor Eliminating Wipes

At Hunting Fishing Camping Gear, we sell several varieties of odor eliminating wipes. These can be used to remove unwanted human odors including scent on your hands, face, or clothes. It is important to remove any human odors from your hands or wear scent-blocking gloves especially when building mock scrapes because any human odor around a scrape will likely scare a buck away.

We sell a variety of odor eliminating products to help any hunter become invisible to the nose of a deer. At Hunting Fishing Camping Gear, our line of Wisconsin Pharmacal Scent Killer products, including odor eliminating wipes and odor-eliminating sprays, will eliminate human odors and the unwanted odor of gasoline. So if you decide to use scent-blocking techniques on your next hunting trip, just remember that the most successful odor eliminating hunters follow a careful series of steps and do not cut corners. The extra time spent carefully eliminating your scent will pay off when you are completely invisible to the nose of that next big buck.

Scent Killer

Product Description Price Preview
Browning Odor Eliminating Field Wipes (Per 20)
Wisconsin Pharmacal Scent Killer
$3.12 Browning Odor Eliminating Field Wipes (Per 20)
Baitmate Odor Eliminating Sport Wipe
Wisconsin Pharmacal Scent Killer
$2.98 Baitmate Odor Eliminating Sport Wipe
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